Four Unique Ways To Fill Your Picture Frames

Do you have more picture frames than you know what to do with? Don't throw them away, and don't pack them in a box until you accumulate enough portraits to fill them. Here are four unique ways to fill your wall frames and use them to add pizzazz to your space. 1. Printed Canvas Look at beach shops, art supply stores, and even feed stores for printed pieces of canvas. You can cut one of these pieces of canvas so that just the text is showing, and then frame that piece of canvas. [Read More]

3 Window Treatments For Your Baby's Nursery

When you are putting together your baby's nursery, it is important that no detail is forgotten. This is true when it comes to the window treatments. You not only want the windows to look complete, but you want them to meet you and your baby's needs as well. There are certain window treatments that are perfect for your baby's nursery, and three of them will be discussed here.  Cordless Blinds  [Read More]

Five Reasons Granite Countertops Are Going To Change Your Life

If you are planning on redoing your kitchen, or even simply updating the countertops, you want to consider granite. Here are five reasons this choice is going to change your life: Granite Countertops are Maintenance Free: Okay, so you might need to wipe down the granite countertops with some soap and water every once in a while, but that's it. Granite countertops are virtually maintenance free because they do not easily stain or scratch. [Read More]

What Are You Doing Wrong In Decorating Your Home?

Interior design is far more complicated than many people realize. To successfully decorate a home, a mixture of restraint, good taste, and attention to detail is needed. Unfortunately, some homeowners fall short in one or all of these areas and end up with a home that could be better decorated. If you are decorating your home, here are some design mistakes to watch out for: Selecting Disproportionate Furnishings One of the most commonly made mistakes by amateur designers is they fail to consider the scale and proportion of items in their designs. [Read More]