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How To Justifiably Increase Rental Property Fees

Renting houses out to tenants is a great way to bring in a satisfactory income. If you choose the right kind of tenants, you can count on rental payments coming in by a specific date each month. There are actually techniques that can be used for getting higher rental payments from tenants. You must make sure that your rental houses are as desirable as possible. Take a look at this article to learn about some of the things that can be done to make your houses worthy of higher rental fees.

1. Charge an Extra Fee for Providing Lawn Services

One of the ways to raise your rental fees is to offer lawn services to your tenants. Many people will be willing to pay the extra fee because caring for a lawn takes a lot of work. Make sure that you have a rule in your lease that requires the tenants to keep their yards in a good condition. Don't force your tenants to pay the lawn services fee, but make sure it is an option. The fee should be based on the extent of lawn services that you intend on providing, which a contractor can be hired to do on your behalf.

2. Start a Free Movie Library for Tenants to Enjoy

A unique feature that you can offer tenants as a way to get more money is access to a movie library. Allow your tenants to rent a certain amount of movies free of charge each month. For instance, you can start a website that has all of the movie titles listed on it that are available for rental. Allow your tenants to put the movies in a shopping cart to reserve them. You can then deliver the movies via your own vehicle, mail, or allow your tenants to come to a certain location to pick them up.

3. Offer Rental Houses That Are Fully Furnished

Sometimes people lose all of their belongings due to homes being destroyed by natural disasters. They are then left in a position where they have to move without anything to start over with. You can offer furnished rental houses to your tenants for an extra fee, and make sure that they are fully decorated. All you have to do is hire an interior designer to assist with decorating and furnishing the houses. Services that the designer can provide includes shopping on a budget, drafting up designs, hiring sub-contractors, and basically giving your house a comfortable and inviting look.