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What Are You Doing Wrong In Decorating Your Home?

Interior design is far more complicated than many people realize. To successfully decorate a home, a mixture of restraint, good taste, and attention to detail is needed. Unfortunately, some homeowners fall short in one or all of these areas and end up with a home that could be better decorated. If you are decorating your home, here are some design mistakes to watch out for:

Selecting Disproportionate Furnishings

One of the most commonly made mistakes by amateur designers is they fail to consider the scale and proportion of items in their designs. The room should be a mixture of items of various heights. Aiming for items of the same height and scale can sometimes leave a room less than impressive.

It is imperative that you are careful about the number of items that are placed in a room. Too many large and bulky items or small items can give a cluttered impression. Ideally, there should be a focal point that draws the attention of everyone entering the room. Everything surrounding it should complement it. Without the focal point, the room has no point of interest.

Underestimating the Importance of Lighting

Part of designing a room is selecting the lighting. Simply screwing a bulb into the ceiling fixture and tossing a few lamps in the room is not enough. The lighting does more than just illuminate the room. It can help set the mood and highlight decorative touches throughout the room.

There are several techniques you can use to create a mood with the lighting. For instance, layering the lights in the room can be used to make the room appear more functional if the area is commonly used for purposes that need a lot of light. If you want a softer effect, the use of dimmers can help to achieve this.

Skipping on Using Mirrors

The addition of mirrors to a room might not seem like that big of a decorative touch, but the right mirrors can complement your other furnishings. Mirrors can even help make your space seem larger than it is. With mirrors, the room will not seem boxy and you can create an illusion of roominess.

Mirrors can also help make a room feel brighter. The lighting in the room will reflect off the lighting and create a brighter appearance. Look for mirrors that are interesting and complementary to your room.

To avoid these decorating missteps and to create the design you dream of, work with an interior designer.