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3 Window Treatments For Your Baby's Nursery

When you are putting together your baby's nursery, it is important that no detail is forgotten. This is true when it comes to the window treatments. You not only want the windows to look complete, but you want them to meet you and your baby's needs as well. There are certain window treatments that are perfect for your baby's nursery, and three of them will be discussed here. 

Cordless Blinds 

Safety is one of the most important things when it comes to window treatments in your baby's nursery. The next important thing is often privacy. Because of these two things, cordless blinds are essential. The cordless feature eliminates the possibility of your baby getting tangled up in the cord, and the blinds themselves make it so that no one can see into your baby's room. Cordless blinds are generally quite simple to install and open and close by pushing or pulling on the bottom. 

Blackout Curtain 

One thing that most parents want for their baby's nursery is for it to be very dark during nap time. However, because nap time generally occurs in the middle of the day, this can sometimes be very difficult. A great way to fix this issue is to add blackout curtains as part of the window treatment. Blackout curtains are made out of a very dense material that light does not penetrate. This means that no light will enter from the window when these curtains are drawn, creating a sound sleep for your baby.

Decorative Drapes

The final touch to add to the nursery window is a pair of decorative drapes. The material used for these drapes can match the color scheme and theme of the nursery. This helps them to tie in perfectly and to create a great finished look. When it comes to the length of the drapes, you may want to consider keeping them up off of the floor so that your baby can't pull on them and potentially get hurt. The drapes do an excellent job of covering up the blackout curtain, which generally is not very aesthetically appealing. Having two drapes also makes it easy for you to open and close them whenever you'd like to open the window and let in some sunlight and fresh air. 

Three great window treatments to incorporate into your baby's nursery are cordless blinds for safety and privacy, blackout curtains to help them sleep better, and decorative drapes to tie the whole nursery together. For more information, contact a company like Marc Tash Interiors