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Four Unique Ways To Fill Your Picture Frames

Do you have more picture frames than you know what to do with? Don't throw them away, and don't pack them in a box until you accumulate enough portraits to fill them. Here are four unique ways to fill your wall frames and use them to add pizzazz to your space.

1. Printed Canvas

Look at beach shops, art supply stores, and even feed stores for printed pieces of canvas. You can cut one of these pieces of canvas so that just the text is showing, and then frame that piece of canvas. Some people love framing canvas feed sacks with pictures of chickens or horses on them. These look lovely in a rustic cabin or country home.

2. Splatter Artwork

Have you ever visited an art museum, looked at the abstract splatter art, and thought to yourself, "I could do that!" Well, here is your chance. Buy some cheap acrylic paint and a piece of cardstock that's the size of your frame. Use a paint brush to splatter multiple colors of paint across the cardstock in a fun, abstract pattern. Let it dry for a few days, and then put it in the frame. You can decorate the frame with splatter paint, too, if you please.

3. Antique Photos

Do you love old fashioned items and antiques? Visit an antique store, and look for pictures that appeal to you. Maybe you'll find a cool one of an old bike, an old sewing machine, or some other outdated appliance. Re-frame it with one of your existing frames, adding a matte in the back if needed. You could even create a whole array of these antique pictures on your wall, which will look lovely in a bathroom or foyer.

4. Fabric

If your home has a quaint, cozy appeal, consider just heading to the fabric store and buying a few scraps of interesting fabric. Cool prints and even some plaid patterns can look lovely when framed and then mounted on your wall. You can embellish the material with some stitches or even fabric paint if you want a more customized look.

Picture frames are good for more than just framing photos of your face! With the ideas above, you can put any extra frames you have laying around to good use. You may even find yourself combing consignment shops and thrift stores for additional frames to use for these unique decorations.