Tips For Landscaping Lights That Won't Annoy Your Neighbors

From highlighting your home's architectural details to creating a safe path to the front door at night, when it comes to developing a landscape lighting design, there are several factors to consider. Unfortunately, there is one factor that is often overlooked: how your landscape lighting impacts your neighbors. According to the Virginia Outdoor Lighting Taskforce, light trespassing occurs when unwanted light shines into your home or onto your property. Don't allow light trespassing to impact your relationship with your neighbors, and instead avoid it by following these simple tips.

Four Unique Ways To Fill Your Picture Frames

Do you have more picture frames than you know what to do with? Don't throw them away, and don't pack them in a box until you accumulate enough portraits to fill them. Here are four unique ways to fill your wall frames and use them to add pizzazz to your space. 1. Printed Canvas Look at beach shops, art supply stores, and even feed stores for printed pieces of canvas. You can cut one of these pieces of canvas so that just the text is showing, and then frame that piece of canvas.